Return of Ransomware – Beware


We have recently heard that ransomware is beginning to rear its ugly head in Ireland again – after many had thought it was gone for good after many bad experiences last year.  Our advice – be wary of free downloads, programs, software or screensavers and beware of hoax emails.  Be alert to offers that are ‘too good to be true’ or requests that ‘tug at the heart strings’.  Be very wary of requests to send money no matter how good the charity is.  Above all, do not respond to such emails using links built into the message.  If in doubt, go to the actual website of the organisation and make your own contact with them – don’t rely on a message link to take you there!  And don’t believe immediately the authenticity of the sender – it may say the Gardaí or another trusted state organisation but they may not be the sender!  And if you get caught out by these fraudsters, contact us (or another reputable IT service provider) to help you rid your computer permanently of this problem.