ESET Scores 100% for Second Straight Year

ESET 100% SuccessAV Test, the independent IT-Security Institute, measured many of the leading antivirus security packages to see how they protect themselves against threats.  For the second year in a row ESET scored 100% with ESET Smart Security – the only solution in its category to reach that score for a second time.  Most of the malware out there now targets the IT security solution in order to disable it and thereby infect the machines which it is there to protect. 

ESET are dedicated to making the products that protect computers used by millions of users.  They recognise that in order to make this task a success they must first and foremost be able to protect their own software.  The AV Test testing has validated the work being done by ESET in this regard.

Motherboard is proud to be a partner of ESET in bringing their powerful antivirus solution to all our customers – be they in the business or consumer space.  Motherboard use ESET to protect their own assets and have found that this solution works perfectly with a very small system ‘footprint’ – meaning that the installation of ESET software will not slow down your PCs or servers.