Customers with Online Backup passes 40%

Online Backup in the CloudThe number of Motherboard customers using Online Backup to backup their data has now passed 40% and is rising at a fast pace as customers realise that the cost of implementing online backup is not what it used to be!

Backing up your files locally is important, but if something like fire or flood happens, your data and your backups are gone. That’s why online backup services are great: They keep your data offsite.

In the early days online backup was expensive, and companies with large amounts of data found the cost too high.  Now costs of storage in the cloud has become more cost-effective and consideration can now be given to putting your data in the cloud.

There are still things to consider – such as ‘seeding’ your data in the datacentre (the initial process of uplifting all your data to the datacentre) and also how easy it is to recover your data from the datacentre in the event of losing or deleting a file or folder (or in the event of a disaster).

It is best to choose a provider who can offer a hassle-free method of doing both of the above and not every solution offers this.  Motherboard have the competency to advise on what solution to offer – and given that 40% of our customers now use Online Backup we now have the expertise to advise you as well.  Give us a call to find out more.