Data Recovery

Lost or inaccessible data permanently destroyed, with no hope of recovery Right? – WRONG! In most cases, data is recoverable. If there is no physical damage to the device, we can usually provide a list of recoverable files and the cost of the data retrieval at this stage.

At Motherboard we take the mystery out of data recovery. We will carry out a free of charge diagnostic on the disk or storage device in question. Once this has been completed we can advise on the next course of action. That will normally be to start our data recovery service and will lead to you getting your missing files or missing data back again.

Motherboard has the expertise to recover data from all situations:

All causes of data loss including:
 Natural Disasters
 Accidental Deletion
– System Crashes
– Hard disk crash and drive failure
 Corruption and corrupted data
 Disk Failure

All types of devices and systems including:
 Server Hard Drives
 Desktop, Laptop and External Hard Drives
 RAID Array Recovery
 Flash memory devices
– Much more!

Motherboard – For all your data retrieval needs! Fast Recovery Service!