Choose the best web content filtering for your company

An effective web content filtering solution is essential for an SME because granting your employees unfettered access to the Internet opens up your company to a multitude of problems.

As the amount of time spent online increases, issues relating to unmonitored or unregulated internet usage rise in parallel.

Unregulated access to the internet, particularly to social networking sites, can lead to substantial annualised loss in productivity across an organisation.

Unregulated access can also breach your duty of care to employees or students to ensure that they are not exposed to any offensive or illegal material and can also lead to data leakage through web-based email and file sharing sites.

Motherboard’s solution for this problem is – Web Secure IT – Web Security as you want it!

Web Secure IT is a new Internet security solution offered by Motherboard. The Internet is a powerful resource for company research and communication. Having an effective web content filtering strategy that aligns itself with your internet monitoring software will ensure that you are protected from a security and legal standpoint and will improve the productivity of your work force.

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