WebSecure IT

WebSecure IT – Why you need it

Attacks today are more targeted and utilise multiple variants, which makes it very difficult for traditional signature-based solutions to effectively block the new waves of malware from proliferating.

Organisations of all sizes must adapt and advance their web security to protect the network from inbound threats of viruses, malware, spyware, and other hazards. This requires a scalable, high-performing solution that is purpose-built to manage real-time data flows.

Most organisations implement an Internet content filtering solution. The main reasons for this are to restrict access to distracting websites, ensure bandwidth resources are not abused, mitigate legal liability and to enforce or comply with Acceptable Use Policies and the law.   But many do not include in this solution the protection of computers and/or networks from viruses, malware, spyware or phishing scams. Though many organizations install an assortment of other applications to counter these attacks, WebSecure IT can identify and block these threats in real-time before they infect a computer or network.

WebSecure IT – A solution for all your web security requirements

  • WebSecure IT web security offers a solution which is capable of dealing with massive amounts of web requests and the correlation of information on similar requests worldwide.
  • WebSecure IT provides a zero-hour web security approach protecting our customers from every outbreak of infection all over the world.
  • WebSecure IT protects your organisation from harmful or inappropriate content and allows you to ensure that you manage time spent on websites that impact productivity.
  • WebSecure IT provides the most effective solution against new and known web malicious content, by correlating a combination of current traffic and request trends, multiple detection technologies, automated machine-learning heuristics, and the industry’s largest data set of web content.

Our signature-based scanning detects known web malware residing on both reputable and uncategorized web pages. Every new URL requested is automatically scanned utilising this engine and the current URLs in the database are regularly scanned to ensure their current legitimacy.  WebSecure IT heuristic engines utilising non-signature detection techniques based upon Artificial Intelligence engine technologies are used to traverse the content and make decisions based upon thousands of inputs trained from years of collected information and trends.

WebSecure IT systems can filter approximately 3 million requests a second for information from around the world in multiple languages, multiple sectors and for multiple areas of information. Of this, nearly 10 million requests per day are for brand new URLs which have never been seen before.  And you can block/allow or apply time quotas based on users, groups and devices based on category or keyword lists.