Cleanse IT

Cleanse IT provides a strong first-line defense against spam and malware carried in your email. And it provides this defense in the cloud, meaning that the spam and malware doesn’t get anywhere near your IT infrastructure.

Cleanse IT shields our business customers from all email-borne cyber threats – so eliminating the productivity drain, IT-related costs and growing legal liability associated with unwanted and unsolicited email.

Cleanse IT offers three email security services:

  • Email protection: Combines effective anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing cover with uniquely low false positives.
  • Content Control: Protects against external threats, abuses and the misuse of sensitive or classified information for a secure working environment.
  • Recovery and Continuity: Captures all email in an easy-to-access encrypted archive for instant retrieval – even when the server is down!

Cleanse IT Services Delivery

The benefits of Cloud Security are immediate. With no hardware or software to install and maintain your business gets access to the industry’s most reliable anti-spam and anti-virus protection service that stops any threats or intruders ever reaching your network.

Cleanse IT email security services are delivered by one centrally managed hosted ‘in the cloud’ solution that is more secure and easier to manage than on-premise solutions.