Monitor IT – Monitored 24/7

Monitor IT is a unique service, provided by Motherboard that constantly and automatically monitors every aspect of your IT infrastructure, and reports back to both the Motherboard engineering team and the client of the status of every aspect of their systems.

The Advanced Client Care System continually monitors hundreds of aspects of your servers, network & backup devices, ISP connections etc. As soon as it identifies a potential problem, our engineers are instantly notified by email or SMS, which means that we can resolve the issue (or notify your IT staff), before you’re even aware of the problem!

And you get daily updates via the on-line system status dashboard.

The Advanced Client Care System gives instant & accurate alerts on critical functions, including; 
 Backup Status  Anti-Virus Update Status  Internet Connectivity
 Disk & RAID Health  All Windows Services & Event Logs

This means we can ensure that; 
 Your anti-virus pattern file is right up-to-date
 Your disk consumption rates are within limits
 Your tape backup completed successfully
 Hackers haven’t been attempting to access your system
 Your Exchange Information Store size is within its threshold.
 Your Event Logs don’t show other critical errors
 Your disk health is fine.