Recover IT

Recover IT Disaster Recovery and Disaster Prevention System

Recover IT is a disaster recovery system that completely safeguards critical company servers from every type of disaster – even total failure.

Even in the event of the total destruction of a server, Recover IT and Motherboard can have you back up and running in no more than 4 hours – guaranteed! Your systems and data will be identical to just before the server failed meaning you will lose no more than a few minutes of data. This INCLUDES your Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL servers. Real disaster recovery in Dublin!

Recover IT disaster recovery is not like traditional ghosting software. Unlike such systems:

  • Recover IT can run incremental backups of your system up to every 15 minutes with zero effect on server performance
  • Recover IT enables Hardware Independent Restore. This means you can restore your Microsoft Windows Server to any machine that has enough storage space
  • Recover IT can have you back up and running in minutes regardless of the scale of the server disaster

Plus, Recover IT disaster recovery is constantly monitored and managed remotely by our team of in-house engineers. If you ever have a problem, we’ll be the first to know. Recover IT disaster recovery protects your systems 24×7 while you get on with running your business.

For more information or to see Recover IT simulate a restore of your systems, email or call us on 01 497 5562.