Cyber Security

Cyber Security is primarily about putting the right systems in place and keeping them up-to-date.  

So not only is it a good idea to use hardware and software that is reasonably up-to-date – it is also a good idea to ensure that updates and patches supplied by the software developers are also applied as soon as possible after release. Part of Motherboard’s service is to ensure that your systems are kept up-to-date at all times.

With good hardware in place and up-to-date software you have a good platform in place for your company. But it is most important that you have a good antivirus solution in place and that you apply encryption to any devices that are taken outside secure locations.

Cyber threats are constantly evolving and new threats emerge every day. An effective defense starts with comprehensive review of your digital security infrastructure. Contact an expert from our cyber security company today to get started.


ESET Antivirus Solution

Motherboard are proud to be an authorised ESET reseller and highly recommend what is currently the best business antivirus software in its class – ESET Endpoint Protection.

This cutting-edge software detects and disables viruses, Trojans, worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits and other internet threats – and has a far better detection rate than other similar software offerings.

A great asset with this software is that it has an extremely small system footprint, meaning that users of ESET will not experience a slowdown when this application is running!

Disk Encrypt IT

Data is a critical part of every organisations activities, but this most valuable asset often poses a huge risk when it travels or is transmitted beyond the corporate network.  The penalties for failing to protect the client information often include a significant fine to go with the exposed trade secrets and reputational damage.

Motherboard are proud to be an authorised Encrypt IT by ESET Endpoint Encryption reseller and highly recommend the installation of this software for those companies who need to ensure that their devices are encrypted.

Encrypt IT is a simple-to-use encryption application for companies large and small.

Clients using Encrypt IT have minimal user interaction, increasing user compliance and the security of your data.

Encrypt IT allows you to meet your data security compliance obligations in a single package.

File, folder and email encryption allow fully secure collaboration across complex workgroups and team boundaries, with security policy enforced at all endpoints by the Encrypt IT Enterprise Server.

Cleanse IT – Anti-Spam Email Security

Cleanse IT provides a strong first-line defense against spam and malware carried in your email. And it provides this defense in the cloud, meaning that the spam and malware doesn’t get anywhere near your IT infrastructure.

The benefits of Cloud Security are immediate. With no hardware or software to install and maintain your business gets access to the industry’s most reliable anti-spam and anti-virus protection service that stops any threats or intruders ever reaching your network.

Benefits of using Cleanse IT:

  • Email protection: Combines effective anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing cover with uniquely low false positives.
  • Content Control: Protects against external threats, abuses and the misuse of sensitive or classified information for a secure working environment.
  • Recovery and Continuity: Captures all email in an easy-to-access encrypted archive for instant retrieval – even when the server is down!

WebSecure IT

As the amount of time spent online increases, issues relating to unmonitored or unregulated internet usage rise in parallel.

Unregulated access to the internet, particularly to social networking sites, can lead to substantial annualised loss in productivity across an organisation.

Unregulated access can also breach your duty of care to employees or students to ensure that they are not exposed to any offensive or illegal material and can also lead to data leakage through web-based email and file sharing sites.

Most organisations implement an Internet content filtering solution. But many do not include in this solution the protection of computers and/or networks from viruses, malware, spyware or phishing scams. Though many organizations install an assortment of other applications to counter these attacks, WebSecure IT can identify and block these threats in real-time before they infect a computer or network.

WebSecureIT – A solution for all your web security requirements

Web Secure IT is a new Internet security solution offered by Motherboard. The Internet is a powerful resource for company research and communication. Having an effective web content filtering strategy that aligns itself with your internet monitoring software will ensure that you are protected from a security and legal standpoint and will improve the productivity of your work force.

Web Secure IT systems can filter approximately 3 million requests a second for information from around the world in multiple languages, multiple sectors and for multiple areas of information. Of this, nearly 10 million requests per day are for brand new URLs which have never been seen before.  And you can block/allow or apply time quotas based on users, groups and devices based on category or keyword lists.


Cisco Perimeter Protection Firewall

Cisco Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Routers, Ideal for Small Businesses

Offering the capability of dual routing allowing failover to a second broadband connection when required. Motherboard recommends the Cisco Firewall range as a trusted and tried solution for businesses. They can be used in a single office or for connecting multiple office for seamless access to internet and data services.

Small businesses are constantly exposed to Internet threats. The Cisco Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Routers connect small businesses to the Internet and protect any small business network that requires performance, security, and reliability.

Protects network resources -- Uses existing routing capabilities to offer distributed threat mitigation of worms, viruses, and other network and application-layer threats and exploits.

Helps achieve regulatory compliance -- Provides policy-based access control to help meet Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Portability and other regulations. 

Safend Data Protection

Safend Data Protection Suite (DPS) protects sensitive data before its transfer via comprehensive data encryption, port and device restriction and control and content inspection.

  • Prevents data leakage and penetration via endpoints
  • Stops users plugging in USB keys or other media to copy sensitive information
  • Port, device and storage control
  • Removable media encryption
  • Granular Wi-Fi control
  • Blocks hybrid network bridging
  • U3 and auto run control
  • Blocks hardware key loggers
  • File type control
  • Enables integration with a 3rd party AV scanner