Wireless networking

Working with Cisco WiFi units, Motherboard can offer seamless WiFi availability over the largest offices. This includes private and guest networks built into the one solution to secure your internal network while allowing guests to access their systems or mail.

New office cabling and additional cable points.

Motherboard offers a full range of cabling solutions which includes CAT6 structured cabling and power installation which impacts your entire network, server functionality and speed. Don’t risk running the wrong type of cabling, in the wrong quantity, to the wrong locations or desks. Running a smaller quantity of points are common oversights can be avoided by hiring experienced network & voice wiring and cabling professionals. You’ll maximize your users’ network productivity with the right cat6 cabling design. Ensuring that the job is done correctly during new office setup will pay off for as long as you are in your new space. We also offer additional point installation on a single of multiple basis.

Call us to schedule a free cabling assessment, where we will review your office floor plan and network map to discuss various planning considerations that may have been missed, underestimated or require.

Communication room / Patch Panel re-cabling

Over many years your communications cabinet or communication room can become very cluttered with cables being installed over this period by multiple...

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